Nic Walker

I found the 8 Week Challenge was an outstanding program. Never having ‘worked out’ in a gym, I found the prospect of starting classes quite daunting, but I found a community of like-minded people who shared and supported my journey to do and be the best I could be, It was fun and we celebrated achievements as a team. It allowed me to gain strength, improve mobility, lose weight and take greater control of my health and wellbeing.


I would absolutely recommend the program – it certainly kick-started my journey to greater strength, fitness and health

- Nic Walker

I’ve always been a reasonably active, fit person. However, after university, work occupied much too much of my time and I found it extremely difficult to motivate myself to get off my backside and stay active. Tracy suggested I try a few sessions with her.


At first, admittedly, I struggled… a lot…this was new to me, but I had constant support and advice and felt welcomed by all. But soon I became better at the exercises and began to enjoy it more and more. It was always exciting, always fresh, always challenging.  This has had a positive effect in all parts of my life, I sleep better, I’m more engaged at worked, and I’m much happier with myself.

- Preshodin Thaver

Preshodin Thaver
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