Should You Cleanse Or Detox
Should You Cleanse Or Detox
, | March 28 2017

Beware – not everything in the Fitness Industry is good for you!  

As an industry professional it saddens me to say this; but it’s important to remember.

At this time of year, the big rush of the New Year resolutions is over and there was the predictable influx of new clients into gyms worldwide. Now most of these gyms and support industries are settling down in what is a type of false quiet period and they will be looking at how best to improve their market share over this time. Therefore, this is a time you’re likely to see many businesses and individuals promoting one type of detox, cleanse or something related. These products are being pushed in papers and social media everywhere, it’s hard to avoid them. They cost money you don’t have and unfortunately, scammers sit waiting with their eager smiles. They are counting on you feeling disheartened or depressed, maybe after you have given up your New Year health and fitness resolutions, or knowing that many are disappointed with their bodies or fitness in general. You are vulnerable, & so you are likely to be looking for quick fixes and if you are looking for a silver bullet – they have just the product!

The subject of cleansing or detoxing draws strong opinion for or against, so let’s take a look at them and then you can draw your personal conclusions.

The idea of cleansing and detoxing is that it’s a system we need to clear out toxins from within our bodies…. There’s liver cleanses, detox teas, lemon cleanses, the list goes on but they all aim for the same thing. So firstly, what toxin do we want to get rid of? Why is it present? Do we have another way to cleanse naturally? Most people will take up cleansing or a detox to lose weight quickly.

Can the body handle any cleansing tasks itself?   Yes it can.

Organs that naturally detox our blood and food products for us are the Liver, Kidneys & Gastrointestinal system and they’re free. The body is very good at targeting toxins within particular cells and organs. Our cells have some specific Organelles there; acting as garbage disposals removing toxins continually. Toxins are not only consumed, they may also be bodily bi-products. Our lungs and nose also cleanse contaminants and irritants from the air we breathe before the oxygen enters our blood stream.

Most cleanses or cleansing products require a very limiting liquid diet or eating one or two particular foods. Initially we feel great as the tummy gets flatter, we’re excreting water & think we’re doing well. Our bloated and puffy body is looking slimmer and we love how it looks and feels. Most of the weight loss is likely to be water though, in addition to emptying our intestines, our carbohydrate stores in our muscles and organs will drop as we’re not eating well. Ultimately, blood sugars drop and we weaken, even dehydrating – deaths can occur if this dehydration or hypoglycemia gets too severe and goes unchecked.

It goes without saying that cleansing and detoxing can be particularly dangerous in certain populations of the community, such as our elderly, disabled, adolescents and kids, babies and those with impaired immune systems or metabolic diseases.

Sometimes these cleanse or detox products you buy are filled with money wasters … they are nothing like the product you think you may be buying and may be nothing but a placebo, and other times they may even contain harmful products. Sadly, this market is not as regulated as it should be so you need to exercise some caution and be a discerning consumer.

If you are considering a detox or cleanse for any reason it’s important that you get sound advice from someone that’s not benefiting financially from the product or idea. Many studies for them or even for products like pharmaceuticals may have a biased slant as they’re funded by the companies in question while going through the process of seeking product approval from the regulatory bodies.

Ok, so what if you’ve decided you don’t want a product but perhaps you’ve been punishing your body by consuming a bad diet and alcohol, and now you feel crap for doing so. Your skin is sallow or blemished and you feel bloated. Well the good news is you just need to start cleaning up your act and stop consuming the rubbish. Your body would have been cleansing the whole time, but just as you can’t out train a bad diet your body can’t cleanse it out as effectively either. You need to give the body time to restore itself and flush itself through after bouts of punishment.

To naturally detox.

  1. Drink plenty of water -flush toxins and waste out.
  2. Eat a good healthy balance diet -eliminate excesses of certain toxins; like alcohol.
  3. Exercise and get your sweat on- eliminating toxins via your skin.
  4. Don’t snack incessantly, give your body a chance to do what it does naturally.
  5. Get plenty of quality sleep as our bodies main systems of repair and recovery require sleep.

For an excellent and balanced personal account on cleansing or detoxing, from a qualified nutritional expert Dr Ryan Andrew for Precision Nutrition. Dr Andrew and his wife undertook a cleanse with rather dramatic results. You can find the article here;

Are Detox Diets Good For You? by Dr Ryan Andrew for Precision Nutrition

Remember until next time, Health is your greatest Wealth…….

Coach Tracy

Specialist Master Coach

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