Q : Jasmine Welsh
A :

You will find me ready, willing and able to assist you will all your enquiries; from memberships & class enquiries to booking a place in the Kid’s Creche or buying a Gift Card… and everything else in between.

When I am not helping out in Reception, you will find me in the Massage room where I offer our clients a variety of relaxing massage options.

Qualifications & Experiences;
  • Beauty Therapy and Swedish Massage
  • Office Administration and Retail
  • 3 yrs part – Teaching degree (before beauty grabbed me!)
Q : Josh Welsh
A :

Fitness is in my blood. From a very young age, I have been very passionate about all kinds of sports and have participated in many. This led me to pursue a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science and a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology after finishing high school and obtain my Personal Trainer certification. For the past 3+ years, I worked out of Goodlife Health Clubs in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast whilst completing my Sport and Exercise Science degree, before returning to my roots in the Coffs Harbour area in 2019, to work and completing my honours year, studying  Exercise Physiology degree. In my time here, I have trained an array of individuals with different goals, visions and dreams. This has enabled me to adapt different training styles to suit the individual, based on what they want to accomplish.

The thing that makes my job so rewarding is the feeling I get when seeing the faces, receiving the emails/messages and hearing the excitement in clients’ voices when they achieve something that they did not think was possible.

Aspirations: to further my study and challenge all that I can be, while continuing to change lives by adding quality of life.

A little bit about myself… I love to surf, I love rugby league, I love spending time on the farm with my family and friends, and I love to eat food, good food!

Josh is registered exercise professional with:

  • Fitness Australia; Personal Trainer -including Older Adults, Children’s & Youth Trainer & Sports Scientist, Group Exercise Leader
  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science
  • Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Registered AEP with ESSA
  • ASCA – Level 1
  • Heartmoves Leader
  • Pre & Post-Natal Trainer
  • THUMP Boxing (Level 1 & Advanced)
  • Training For Warriors Instructor (Level 1)
  • AIK Kettlebell Instructor (Level 1 & Advanced)
  • Kinetic Link Training (Level 1)
Q : Tracy Welsh
A :

I believe anyone can work you hard, but not everyone make you better! Daily I am being driven by my vision to “Enable all to live a dignified and quality life, in the richest & most rewarding way humanly possible. I see the path being through exercise, nutrition, and mindset.

Exercise needs to be FUN or you won’t do it! In order to live a life free of pain, injury or illness we need to exercise, eat well and regain or maintain our strength and abilities as we age. Many conditions and ailments can be reversed, halted or managed with sound exercise, nutrition, and healthy living principles.

I believe “You need to earn your exercise and every Exercise Professional should be able to tell you why you are doing something and justify why they picked that particular exercise for that particular movement.” You will be challenged training with me, but you will also move better, feel better look better and learn a tonne.

I combined my love of work & need to help others with my family’s needs, and it led to the birth of both Beyond Limits and Training for Warriors- Coffs Coast and our new facility. A place where you can get help with all specialist aspects of training including diabetes management, disability fitness, rehabilitation, corrective and postural work, Pregnancy and more. Being able to pass on the knowledge and skills about health and exercise while connecting closely with clients is rewarding. Clients deserve to receive a high standard of personal training, education, and support, and this can only be done with a close and active partnership.

It brings great joy to see clients achieving their goals and improving their lives. It is fulfilling when clients experience positive changes in their lives, such as decreased dependence on medications, community inclusion and experiencing activities they never thought possible and attaining a greater quality of life.

As much as I enjoy challenging and encouraging others, I also challenge myself as I continue the path toward a realised dream as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. When I take a break, you will find me spending time on the farm with my boys, reading or dancing Tango.

Tracy is a registered Professional with:

  • Fitness Australia; Master Personal and Specialist Trainer -including  Older Adults, Children& Youth Trainer, Aqua Instructor & Trainer, Group Exercise Instructor, Pre & Post-Natal Trainer.
  • Cert IV – Workplace Training and Assessment
  •  Aust. Strength & Conditioning Assoc.
  • National Strength & Conditioning Assoc –
  •  Training For Warriors – (Level 2)
  •  Kinesio Taping Practioner – (Level 2)
  •  REHAB Trainer – Practioner
  • Lift For Life – Certified Coach
  • Master Functional Trainer & FMS (Level 1)
  • Thump Instructor (Level 1 & Advanced)
  •  Certified Functional Strength Coach (Level 1)
  • Precision Nutrition- (Level 1)
  •  Youth Performance Coach – IYCA

Plus a member of many more Organisations, Including International bodies in Rehabilitation, Aquatics and Functional Exercise.

3 Everingham Place Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 Australia

02 6699 5000

02 6699 4000

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