Warrior program

The TFW system began as a fitness program originally created for some of the best combat athletes in the world, almost 15years ago. It has trained and built the self-esteem of hundreds of top athletes and their teams including NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA and track and field athletes. However, Founder Martin Rooney realised that these methods of training yielded equally as great a result for mums & dads, nans and pops and it has saved countless lives since then.


Today, the training methods of the TFW system is benefiting anyone looking to lose fat, build muscle and feel good. This holistic approach includes a progressive warm-up, strength, endurance, flexibility and speed training and is based on sound science.

Ready to jump on board? Come join our Warrior Program.

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    Training for Warriors is a global movement. We are the RESITANCE in the war against the rising obesity epidemic, poor health, poor nutrition, broken bodies and poor lifestyles. We are found in over 30 Countries and we are one of over 200 affiliates; of which TFW – Coffs Cost is proud to be. The philosophy of the TFW program is to empower participants to make change in all of the following areas: strength training, metabolic training, speed training, nutrition, flexibility and their mindset. Training for Warriors is not simply a workout out it’s a lifestyle. We are changing and saving lives! We train your mind along with your body to bring out the “Warrior Within”

    This program is an individualised Group training program consisting of, 5 x 60min sessions per week. These will consist of 2 strength sessions, a metabolic circuit day, speed strength day and our signature Hurricane. You will be given challenges and have your strengths and fitness regularly assessed along with your weight & body composition using our Inbody 570 Scanner

    A Typical Warrior Week

    Day 1: Strength
    Day 2: Energy Circuit
    Day 3: Total Body Strength
    Day 4: Signature Hurricane

    Whilst a member of our Warrior programs you will have access to our private online support group, receive ongoing nutritional and health advice, handouts and an opportunity to participate in Warrior Workshops and fun days. You will also have access to our exclusive multimillion-dollar Warrior Tracker Software that will allow you to track your weights – every workout, every rep and every set.

    We promise to challenge you both physically and mentally in a supporting and safe environment of like-minded people. We will share and grow together… We will get you comfortable with being uncomfortable, as only TFW Familia can do!

    If you want to better your body, mind and spirit, to change your life, build strength, lose fat and gain muscle, then JOIN THE RESISTANCE & UNLEASH THE WARRIOR WITHIN !

    Preshodin Thaver

    It was always exciting, always fresh, always challenging. Exercise started as a chore, transformed into a hobby and evolved into a lifestyle choice. It wasn’t long before I was dubbed ‘The Energiser Bunny’

    - Preshodin Thaver

    An outstanding program! The classes were well structured and always under the guidance of professionals so that I felt safe and respected whilst also challenged to work towards my goals. It allowed me to gain strength, improve mobility, lose weight and take greater control of my health and wellbeing.

    - Nic Walker

    Nic Walker

    Training Space

    Ready to jump on board? Come join our next Warrior Program

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      Disclaimer: *Results may vary from person to person depending on lifestyle, diet and commitment to our program.
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